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Free Education Programs that Empower Thai Women

Goodwill Group has a three-part program designed to deliver practical language, computer and vocational skills to our students in a manner that is convenient for them. Most of our students have said that the barrier to their further education has been time and money. Goodwill Group classes are free and can be scheduled on the student’s day off. Many students also drop in between classes to chat or study English or typing or otherwise use our modern eight-unit PC lab.

Our current enrolment is over 400, and to date we have had over 5,000 students pass through our doors. We do not pretend to work miracles or to offer false hope to these women. We do think that lives can be changed, sometimes significantly, with relatively little effort. We are fortunate to have had a consistently strong corps of qualified volunteers who’ve been willing to impart their language, job and life skills to our students. It is impossible to overemphasize the importance they have in what we are doing. Through their efforts, to varying degrees we have been successful in creating positive change in a number of lives.