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Where in Bangkok are you located?

We are very close to the Asoke BTS station. Our address is:

25/9 Soi Sukhumvit 16, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) Exit at BTS Asoke Station. Take Exit Number 4 towards the skywalk. Walk towards the Exchange Tower Building to your right and exit down the stairs in front of the building. Follow the arrow in the map to Soi 16. Goodwill is in a sub-soi opposite from Foodland Supermarket; you will see a brown sign to your left that reads Thai Oriental Health and Massage Therapy, turn into that soi and Goodwill is at house number 25/9. You can choose to walk or take a motorcycle

Bangkok Subway (MRT)  Exit at MRT Sukhumvit Station and take exit number 2 walk across the road.

What is your phone number?

Our phone number in Bangkok is:

02-258-9348 or 02-258-9349

Outside Thailand call:

662-258-9348 or 662-258-9349

Will Goodwill arrange for a work visa and/or accommodation?

Unfortunately, the Goodwill Group is not able to offer financial, work permit or visa procurement assistance for our volunteers.Most of our volunteers support themselves in Bangkok through English teaching or other occupations and donate 3-6 hours a week teaching at our school, and only in a very few cases more than that. However, if a volunteer is interested in being a part of our fulltime administrative staff and has a badly needed skill set, say for example an experienced educator or successful fundraiser we may be able to provide some sort of assistance.
As a volunteer English teacher, do I need to have teaching experience?

No, although experienced teachers are certainly preferred, we have active volunteers who have never taught before, as well as experienced educators. New volunteers without experience are encouraged to sit in on a few classes before they take on their own class. Experienced volunteers are available to provide coaching, if needed.
What is the commitment required of a volunteer?

To fulfill our mission, we generally seek longer-term commitments from our volunteers, although we welcome assistance from anyone willing to help. Volunteers generally teach 3 hours a week however we appreciate those who can commit more time than that.
Are you the same Goodwill that runs charities in the US?

No, we are not in any way affiliated with Goodwill Industries International, the U.S. based non-profit organization.

How is Goodwill Group funded?

Almost 90% of our funding comes from private sources. Our recurring expenses are covered by our founder Enrique Cuan, an American with business interests in the Asia Pacific region, and the Annika Linden Foundation. The remainder comes from individuals and a few organizations. We are however seeking to make the operation more self-sufficient by actively seeking grants and private and corporate donations.

Why was Goodwill founded?

Having spent a lot of time in Bangkok, our founder was struck by the choices that some women were forced to make in order to support themselves and their families. By providing free access to education, he felt that part of the problem could be alleviated, In 2000 he opened the Goodwill Group.

What is the profile of your typical student?

Currently (as of December, 2003) we have over 400 students enrolled, most of whom are in their twenties however quite a few are over 30. We screen incoming students on two factors only; economic means and prior educational experience. We accept any woman who we believe could not afford to study on her own and who has not attended university. Our typical student: – has never attended university – comes from the poor provinces of Thailand – is single or separated/divorced – has parents or children to support – is making less than 6,000 baht per month – wants to study English to get a better job – is highly motivated to change her life situation. Our students hope to make something of their lives despite having previously been denied any real opportunity to do so. Roughly half of our students work in the sex industry, and many more grapple with the decision of whether or not to do so themselves. For many of them it is not a matter of choice, but of survival for them and their families.

If I make a donation, how will the funds be used?

Donations will be used first to meet urgent needs such as those listed on the Make a Donation page. Those needs being met, funds would be used to defer operating expenses.

Do you allow non-Thai disadvantaged women to enroll?

Our policy is to accept any female who meets our means test and has a work permit, regardless of nationality or religious affiliation. The laws of Thailand do not allow us to accept women who are living in Thailand in illegally (in contravention of immigration laws). This does not mean we are not sympathetic to the plight of Lao, Burmese and Khmer refugees and laborers in Thailand, but as a Thailand – registered NGO with meager resources we must “pick our fights” carefully and work within the law.

Where is your new branch located?

1 Surapol Road, Tambon Naimuang, Amphur Muang, Ubonratchathani 34000

Tel. +66 (0) 4524 4284 Fax. +66 (0) 4524 4921