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A Volunteer-Based Charity in Bangkok

Goodwill Group is a private Thai foundation initially established in Bangkok in December 2000, originally as an English language school for disadvantaged Thai women. The scope of our programs has since evolved to provide personal and career development services. These include:

  • Women’s Health and Rights
  • Life Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Career Placement
  • Career Paths and Vocational Training
  • Career Assessment

The mission of Goodwill Group is to improve the quality of life of young Thai women via skills training and career services. The underlying philosophy of our organization is best found in the words of Ruby Manikan, “If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family.” In a male-oriented society where education opportunities for the poor are few, women are less likely to receive them. Most of our students have migrated to Bangkok from the Northeast and are working to support not only themselves, but also their parents and quite often, children living upcountry with them. With little education and few job skills, these women often face a lot of pressure, both direct and indirect, to enter the sex industry. The lack of universal access to education is a major challenge in Thailand, yet we believe that women are more in need of a helping hand so that is where we have placed our focus.

We are a school, a community center and a job placement center in one, offering:

  • Educational training to fit busy schedules
  • Assistance in career planning, life management and counseling
  • A women’s center where women can network and make new friends
  • Free internet access via our 8-unit PC center

Our teachers are all volunteers and they are our most valuable asset. They tend to be working professionals, both Thai and expatriates, and all share our desire to change lives. Goodwill Group makes use of a volunteer teaching model in order to maximize use of donated funds. So instead of paying teacher salaries, after meeting our small administrative costs we are able to spend donations directly on training programs for the students.